Victoria is a Non-Executive Director, who currently sits on the board of DB Group (Holdings) Limited. She has also worked for Interbrand, a division of global communications giant Omnicom, developing brand strategy for a number of multimillion and multibillion dollar companies. She was VP of branding and marketing for a UK/US battery startup, shaping the communications for their successful Series A raise of $10 million. She now consults to companies on all aspects of branding, marketing and communications strategy. A graduate of Cambridge University, Victoria conducted postgraduate research at Oxford University and King’s College London, and has studied nine languages. She has lived and worked in Asia, the USA, and Europe, and is a regular speaker and commentator; from International Women’s Day events to conference keynote addresses and for TEDx. 


An anthropology graduate of Cambridge University, Victoria Ball has studied nine languages and has lived and worked in the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the USA. An accredited mediator, she has worked with refugees in Syria, and conducted ground-breaking research in Northern Ireland, interviewing women who were members of the IRA in the 1970s and 1980s. Deeply troubled by societal divisions, she undertook postgraduate research in the War Studies department of King’s College London and has addressed a cross-departmental panel at the UK Home Office on issues in conflict ridden countries. 

She was invited to deliver a TEDx talk, which she called ‘The Power of Talking.’ She is an adept public speaker, and has delivered talks and workshops to numerous organisations on Widemindedness and cross-cultural communication. Her five-star podcast Widemindedness with Victoria Ball has amassed listeners from every continent and attracted a stellar list of guests including AC GraylingJim Al-Khalili, Sophia Money-CouttsRobin Hanbury-TenisonTahir ShahSean Shibe and Nicky Gumbel


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